Increasing road safety

Driving future mobility | Increasing road safety | Supporting affordability

The FIA calls on decision-makers to:

  • Offer life-long learning oportunities for all road users, with specific focus on vulnerable groups
  • Raise the awareness of end users about road safety

 Around 2% of GDP is lost in serious road crashes

Improved driver training & quicker rescue

There is a need to make mobility even safer: our vision should be to have five star drivers in five star cars on five stars roads. In the FIA, we believe that “vision zero” (zero road fatalities) could be an achievable goal with the right policy support.

Traffic education should be provided from a young age, to ensure that, even new drivers, have advanced knowledge of safe driving, road rules and defensive tactics. The most dangerous period for drivers is the first year of driving. One in five young people go on to have a collision in the first six months of passing their test. European policymakers should encourage Member States to put in place additional training modules in these critical first months, as it could support a decrease in fatalities.

Motoring Clubs have developed a standardised ‘rescue sheet’ with technical information in collaboration with vehicle manufacturers. This document would speed up the rescue process if available at the scene by all rescuers. We would therefore propose to link the ‘rescue sheet’ data to the
Minimum Set of Data transmitted by eCall as soon as possible.

In addition, life-long learning opportunities should be offered for all participants in road traffic, with specific focus on vulnerable users.

Road Safety Awareness

End users often lack the latest and most effective tools to improve their safety on the road. Policy makers should make a concerted effort to increase the overall awareness of road safety to a broader audience.