Markus Ferber, EPP-DE

mepFIA Region I is very pleased to present a statement on mobility received from Markus Ferber (EPP, DE), representing Bavaria on his vision of mobility.

“In my vision, there are no borders in the future for mobility in Europe. Already today, empowered by the decisions made in the European institutions, the citizens of Europe have the opportunity to move freely, as never before in the history.

As only a modern traffic network can guarantee a fast and easy transport of goods and people, it will be one of the priorities of the European Parliament to enhance and connect the European transport networks.

Arguably, road traffic is the widest field for the European transport policy. One of our main goals will be the harmonisation of technical and regulatory standards in order to improve the fair competition between the transport enterprises of the different member states. A harmonised regulatory environment would also greatly improve the road safety, which besides liberalisation, is one of the primary tasks of the European transport policy.

Mobility is a crucial requirement for progress, growth, prosperity and employment in Europe. A big step towards those goals is the EU action plan “Cars 2020” which – if fully implemented – will improve the competitiveness and the sustainability of the European car industry in the next years. One big challenge for the automotive industry will be the development and support of alternative engines – such as electric or hybrid vehicles – and the creation and maintenance of suitable infrastructure for these kind of cars.”

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