Policy Priorities

Driving future mobility | Increasing road safety | Supporting affordability


Now in Portugese: Mobilidade 2014 (pdf)courtesy of ACP

Now in French: Mobilite 2014 courtesy of ACA

Now in Italian: Mobilità 2014 (pdf)courtesy of ACI

Now in German: Prioritäten für die Politikcourtesy of ADAC

Improving our daily mobility must remain a top priority for national and European policy makers. Better vehicles, infrastructure and driver behaviour are key to providing intelligent mobility solutions for citizens.

FIA Region I Director General, Jacob Bangsgaard, introduces Mobility 2014

Specifically for the EU elections, FIA Region I, representing 73 motoring clubs and 37 million motorists, has developed 6 mobility priorities that would greatly improve the motoring experience in Europe.

Mobility users call on MEPs to:

Drive future mobility

  • Ensure smooth development of future car connectivity, while fully respecting motorists’ freedom of choice and safeguarding conditions for effective competition in the aftermarket;
  • Create the right conditions for the deployment of cleaner vehicle technologies and fostering user awareness via dedicated European projects.

Increase road safety

  • Offer life-long learning opportunities for all road users, with specific focus on vulnerable groups;
  • Raise the awareness of end users about road safety.

Support affordability

  • Ensure that motoring remains affordable via liberalised aftermarket for visible spare parts and stricter control for odometer tampering;
  • Invest European funds and earmark taxation revenue to properly maintain the road infrastructure to safeguard Europe’s growth and high levels of road safety.